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Meet the CyberTamer - Kirk Siqveland:

- Kirk Has lived in Edmonds for almost 20 years with his wife Jody and their two teenagers Xander and Siri.
- Born and raised in Seattle, with a BA from the UW in History.
- While in college he traded working as a cabinet-maker for developing and building wheelchair products.
- That lead to solving customer problems with Computer-Use and Environmental Control, which has been his passion and a career ever since.


Remote & On-Site
In addition to the hundreds of clients he has personally trained, Kirk has presented at several International conferences - including RESNA -an International Professional organization for Assistive Technology. He is a respected technology innovator and trainer: with a passion for finding simple solutions to unusual problems, and making complex technology easy to understand and to use.


Kirk has been supporting PC's, small-networks and computer based Assistive Technology since 1998; he has provided consulting, assessment, design, installation, upgrade and training services for hundreds of individuals as well as small businesses and non-profits. With over fifteen thousand hours of training in classrooms and one-on-one for computer related skills.

LICENSED ELECTRICIAN - Washington State (06 low-voltage)

Kirk is a licensed electrician with the State of Washington with a specialty for low-voltage devices: Audio/Video, Cameras, Security, Automation, Networking, Communication.

ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY - (Tech for People with Disabilities)

Past Chair of RESNA's SIG-11 Computer Applications Special Interest Group. Inventor of several computer/micro-computer based products to improve Computer Accessibility and Integrated Solutions for Communication and Home Control.


With his background in Environmental Control for folks with disabilities, Kirk moved into Professional Automation--Integrated control of Audio\Video equipment, HVAC, Security, Camera systems and other electronics. If you are looking for help designing, installing and programming a Smart-Home, Kirk has the background and experience to handle that for you.

What Can CyberTamer do for You?

We provide technology services from simple home computer issues to the complexities of integrated automation and networking: Consulting, Assessments, Design, Installation, Upgrades, Support and Training primarily for individuals and small businesses using Personal Computers, Networking or integrated control of other equipment such as electronics, home Theater, cameras, lights, doors and shades.

In addition we are able to provide a broad range of Assistive Technology services from consulting to fabrication, installation and training - with an emphasis on Computer and Communication Access, Home Automation (ECU/EADL) as well as related Vocation Rehabilitation and Job-Accommodation services.

Where Do You Go?

We come to you! Serving the Puget Sound Area.
The bigger the project the further we will travel, normal services are centered around Edmonds and the Greater Seattle Area.

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