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Edmonds, WA
and Beyond!
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Remote or On-Site,

Friendly & Patient
Consulting, Development, Installation
Tech-Support and Training

Let us help manage your modern Technology needs:

Website Development, Integration, Maintenance and Business Software Solutions.

We handle ongoing contracts with small businesses and non-profits to provide
Automation, Communication, Networking and Software Support.

Custom Programming, Software and Integration:

A\V, Automation, Communication, Database and Cloud-based IT.
    For individuals with disabilities: you can rely on our experience providing personalized solutions for technology access, communication and home automation. Starting with a thorough needs assessment, through developing integrated technology solutions, to installation and training.
Our job is not done until your technology works for you!

- Software Solutions - Off-the-Shelf & Custom

- Website & Cloud Development

- Integrated Technology

- Work-from-Home Technology:

- Group or One-on-One Personal Training sessions

- Home and Small Business Technology

-  Special Needs / Assistive Technology

- Odd-Ball Technology Solutions

Custom Design jobs, including software, small-electronics and mechanical
Don't think it can't be done!
You'd be surprised what we've made possible,
from wheelchair based computing, to Voice Control of classroom projectors, lights and screens (starting in the 90's!)
or Full control of your PC, using only Morse-Code!

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