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Edmonds, WA
and Beyond!
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Cybertamer: Remote or On-Site,

Friendly & Patient Consulting, Tech-Support and Training

As We All Settle-In, for the long-haul with the Covid 19 Storm:

Let us help you get your home office working, improve your online skills, set up virtual meetings, or if you are stuck at home and wanting to learn some new computer skills, we can help with friendly, patient training, and tech support.
We speak Human as well as Geek.

With a number of tricks up the sleeve to handle things in the virtual / remote world!

"Over fifteen thousand hours providing training and tech support for Windows Computers, Home and Remote (VPN) Networking, Computer Integrated Home Automation - and with a specialty in Disability Solutions."

- Stuck-at-Home Technology:

- One-on-one Online Personal Training sessions

- Integrated Technology

- Home and Small Business Technology

- Special Needs / Assistive Technology

- Odd-Ball Technology Solutions

 Custom Design jobs, including software, small-electronics and mechanical
 Don't think it can't be done! 
 You'd be surprised what we've made possible,
 from wheelchair based computing, to Voice Control of classroom projectors,lights and screens (in the 90's!)
 or Full PC control using only Morse-Code!

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